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reluctant to use alien invasion.

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Imma crazy alien , who falls in love with a alien piggy. studying in a alien school , loving a alien. i sing alien songs , eat alien foods. dont deserve any human comments.

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    01 December 2010 - 4:28 PM

    i dun mind as long as i can be with you, dun take it to heart baby.
    sian sian sian...nothing to do..hiax

    13 November 2010 - 5:18 PM
    F = forgive

    okay, i am finally back.
    unhappy n unsatisfied with what i was given.
    U know what. its sound like its totally my fault.
    i know its not.
    forget it. I just want to do what I need to do.
    N to Forgive n Forget.

    U are who u are. Dun really know u well so...lol. Chat Chat wont do harm ba =)

    Just hope everything will be over soon. Over n be forgotten.
    Dun mind been Forgotten.

    02 November 2010 - 2:50 PM
    KaMPoNG LiFe

    wow. My Dad was once a resident in china town during the 60s to 80s.
    Known as the Chinese town, my dad told me about the life there.
    My dad say that there was once small little little forests in china town where animals like pigs, those wild wild animals lives. My dad live in one of the street where directly behind his house was the mini forests. cool huh? ha ha. Cos his family wasn't rich, they only can afford to buy a little duckling per year. When its time for the little duck to eat, dad n his brother will let it into the forest n find food.This happen every morning and like a miracle the little duck will come back into dad's house without fail after breakfast n lunch.wow wow young ducks know the way home. My reaction was " how come they wont get lost ar..Qi guai~" LOL. then when chinese new year is near, the duck will be *cutt-cahhh!~" killed. dad n his bro will be like damn sad. But soon a new duckling came, n the whole cycle repeat again. cool huh! And guess what, the duckling only cost $0.55. OMG! soo cheap. if now also got so cheap jiu good. HAHA.
    My dad's pocket money is only 5~10cents. You believe it? 5 to 10 cents!! lol. but during that period of time that amount is enough to fill his stomach.
    WHat really make me go wth!!!!!~ is this : beside of dad house is a coffin shop O.O, haven finish, on the other side is where dead ppl do make ups n do snitches. My dad see dead bodies everyday. OMG....LOL. any way, now he lives in this nice cosy house, no more china town lei :)

    27 October 2010 - 11:20 PM

    its damn long since i post.
    whenever i am on this site, i mind goes blank, i dunno what to write, what to express.

    bitch bitch bitch
    whatever humans call it,n it sounds annoying too
    whoever write that , need to reflect on themselves
    including me
    i ask myself, why did i write that word
    simple, cos i dun like that person
    that's all that i can ans
    no more

    so u think i care? Call whatever u wan, u are just cursing yourself.
    Stop screaming like a asshole all around
    noise pollution
    nvm, still dunno how to do your work.
    need ppl keep reminding u? now i ask u back, who do u think u are?
    all those excuses u gave me are lies! All lies. U think i dunoo? just wanna give u the damn face that u need. ZZZ. so just shut up.

    you. nothing to write about. for dunno how long u gave me that type of attitude. who the hell sweet talk u anyway.just a hey n a wad. if u dun believe that this would mend, it never will. its up to u.

    wow.surprising that all i have to write? lol...think so bah...
    hiax...the end

    21 September 2010 - 7:20 PM

    arrgghh..i still cant find my pure geog textbook n seems like i need to get a new one or tell mr liew to help me get from humans room T.T went straight to mac after school n do homework with my baby. haha. he so smart n cute >< tmr planning to go there too, since library always close at 4pm. so sian. go mac still got BB pei me, even better.=] manage to pass my POA test 0.0 but realize i am still way behind the standard ._. wth. NVM. i will try my best. same for math.

    exam time table

    30/09- eng P(1) n P(2)
    01/10-chinese P(1) n (2)
    07/10-history n math P(1)
    08/10-ss n math P(2)
    11/10-physic P(2) n pure geog
    12/10-chem P(3)
    14/10-science P(1)
    15/10- Time to fly~~~~~exam finish^^

    ok. guess this will be my last post until 15//10....T.T
    promise that i will be back =')
    jia yous everyone!!!!!

    its just so simple: i love u!!!!!!! =)

    20 September 2010 - 6:30 PM
    booo hoo

    today is like..booo hooo
    unlucky day cos got test and i never study! praying to god thaT those question will be easy but T.T
    my fate not that good for examination lor. keep asking Christine questions like, 'hey! whats the causes of flood?" den she like " argghh....it is *&**&%&^$^$#%...ya, thats the ans for flooding"
    i dun get a freaking idea why she so smart. simply cos she got study i never. lol. I keep asking her and others classmates question so i actually absorb a lot of %%$#@#%^^&*^%. cos i dun know what are they talking about. i see notes i also see %^$%#@&.
    1.50pm..test start. guess wat i write? THIS : @#$#@$%&*&%$#$%. T.T
    GG the boys always say. lol. i know i am not going to do well for this test lor so...sorry miss kwa =(
    will pay back during EOY exam ^^ hope ya dun mind

    hey ppl, i lost my pure geog textbook book. wth. my dear tb gone!!!!! T.T super sad one..
    cos of test today skipped tuition. hiax...super tired one. so much to worry about. i most scare one is POA , chemistry and mathematic. others i know still can pass.math half half. poa n chem like CMI..chem is just dun understand. teacher go through very the fast..onli asshole can follow.ZZZ..
    wanna find a quiet place to study...i hear my lao bu nag jia hui i buay tahan..canoot focus..den always run to mac..at least there no one talk like my mum even if have i change place can liao.
    seriously look forward to the end year holiday but like so far away from me.T.T. cant wait to spend weeks with my dear. now must study study only. like so lame ~.~

    omg.i see u i jiu feel like vomiting. not cute still act cute. childish..ehh no...u are still a kid anyway.haha.. Nah..dun wan talk about ppl like HER today. spoil ppl mood only.

    something special happen this week, kind of meet a nice girl. though had once walked the wrong path, but i believe everyone deserve a chance to change n make friends of different background, not like some ppl just like....ZZZ.. nvm, , shall not talk about her.lol
    chatting in sms dun seem so bad. see who u chat with only.
    hmmm..nothing much to write liao...
    want to study n do work but dunno do what...
    but i know i wan a new phone n earings,haha
    okok..study mode study mode.haha
    bye ppl. see ya

    19 September 2010 - 2:16 PM

    sunny daay, went to singapore river with baby=0
    very warm arh, sit boat an d blah blah
    ma ma buy ticket than must go lor...lol